Dutch Glow Amish Wood Milk Review

dutch glowI love the look of wood, so I’ve got wood floors, cabinets and tables in my home. The only thing I don’t like is trying to keep it all clean.

I’ve tried furniture and floor waxes, but hated the residue that it leaves behind. The residue from the waxes feels gross, easily smudges and attracts dust. I’m constantly cleaning and the problem only gets worse!

Fortunately, a friend told me about Dutch Glow Amish Wood Milk. This is a simple polish, not a wax, that removes build-up, dirt and grime while also drawing out the natural beauty of the wood. Even better, I’m not constantly having to dust my furniture!

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How Dutch Glow Works

Based on an Amish formula, Dutch Glow is a polish that works to clean any wooden surface. Unlike your typical cleaning products, this is not a wax or oil based cleaner that will leave a sticky or greasy residue on your furniture. It also doesn’t attract dust like other cleaners do which is a huge plus in my opinion.

You use Dutch Glow like you would any other cleaner – spray it on the piece you want to clean, then wipe it down with a cloth (microfiber ones work best) to clean away dirt, dust, grime and wax build-up. It doesn’t just clean either, it actually restores the look of your furniture which is something you won’t find with most other cleaning products on the market.

Your wooden items will be left protected, with a natural shine and beauty.

dutch glow reviews

Here’s the Dutch Glow commercial which will give you more of an idea how it works:

Pros and Cons

As is true of any product, Dutch Glow has its pros and cons. Here are some of the things I’ve spotted:


  • Dutch Glow is not a wax, so there is no wax build-up.
  • Doesn’t attract dust like some silicone and wax-based products: No sticky residue that contributes to fingerprints, smudges and water rings.
  • The Dutch Glow set offers two different nozzles for different applications. One set has you covered for every possible type of wood cleaning job.
  • No abrasives that could damage the beauty of your furniture. Dutch Glow protects and feeds wood, rather than scratching it.


  • This is not a multipurpose cleaner. You really can only use it on wood. This means that you’ll need other cleaners for other types of surfaces.
  • While it will clean your wood floors, cabinets and other items, it can’t repair scratches or other damage.

Where to Buy Dutch Glow

I got my bottles online from the official website which is the best deal by far. I got some free bonuses, including a polishing cloth as well as a bottle with a special nozzle designed for applying Dutch Glow to floors. All I had to do was pay an extra shipping and handling charge.

Final Word

If you have wood floors, cabinets, shelves or own wooden furniture, check out the Dutch Glow Amish Wood Milk. You may be amazed at how well it restores the wood’s natural beauty and how it reduces your workload while enhancing the appearance of your home.

Dutch Glow: What it is and What it Works On

dutch glow cleanerDutch Glow is a polish for wood furniture which entirely contains natural ingredients and an Amish milk formula that is 100 years old. It’s intended to get rid of all the dirt and wax buildup on wooden furniture in addition to nourishing it (furniture) so as to restore its original luster.

Unlike most wood-furniture polishers which are made of wax, Dutch glow doesn’t contain any wax. It guarantees to return your furniture back to its inventive form by removing wax and dirt which has built-up over the years. It not only cleans, polishes, and nourishes your furniture; but also removes dust, particularly from the cracks.

Furthermore, Dutch Glow doesn’t contain any abrasives which could spoil your furniture. This wood-furniture polishes, nourishes and protects wood instead of scratching it.

What Does Dutch Glow Work On?

Dutch Glow works safely on oak, maple, cherry and all other kinds of wood. It contains a formula that is designed to re-establish wood back to its new state. In addition, it can never mess-up your furniture since it doesn’t contain any paste wax or silicon spray that leave a sticky residue.

The Dutch Glow polisher can also be used in the kitchen. It wonderfully removes cooking grease, smoke stains and finger prints which have accumulated there overtime. It also removes stubborn water rings that can’t be easily removed using ordinary polishers. Furthermore, Dutch Glow can be used on painted surfaces to achieve optimal results.

How to Use Dutch Glow

Just spray the polish on the wooden surface you want to clean. Wipe it (the spray) off after a few seconds with a cleaning-cloth. Due to the fact that it does not leave a sticky-residue, you shouldn’t worry about finger-prints building-up after that. For the reason that the formula of this polish is specifically designed for wood-furniture, it is really best used for cleaning just wood.

If you have been seeking for a wood polisher that doesn’t contain any toxic ingredients which can deteriorate you hardwood’s quality, Dutch Glow is what you need. Reveal the natural beauty of your wood by getting rid of wax that has accumulated over the years using Dutch Glow.